Otoplasty is the surgery to correct abnormalities in the structure of the ear. The most common abnormality of ear lobule is outstanding or lop ear. Lop ear or bat ear is a common congenital deformity in which the angle between head and ear lobule is increased. If you are the parent of a child with awkward ears, it’s important to listen to all your child’s frustrations if he or she has been ridiculed at school or in other social environments. Having awkward ears can be downright embarrassing and can interfere with a child’s psychological and emotional development. Also teenagers and adult may

کوچک-کردن-گوشbe unhappy with such malformed ears and seek help to correct it.

This surgery can be performed after the age of 6 because by that time, the ear has reached more than 90% of adult size.

With a novel technique, Dr. Shirazi who does this surgery very frequently, fixes the problem permanently.

Otoplasty is done under local anesthsia and usually takes one hour and clinic stay after it is only 3 hours.