After the procedure


After otoplasty, your ears will be covered in bandages for protection and support. You will stay only a few hours in clinic. You’ll likely feel some discomfort and itching. Take pain medication as recommended. If you take pain medication and your discomfort increases, have much swelling, or you have fever, contact us. To keep pressure off your ears, avoid sleeping on your side. Also try not to rub or place excessive force on the incisions. A week after otoplasty, your bandages will be removed. Your ears will likely be swollen and red. You’ll need to wear a loose headband that covers your ears for a month and only at nighta for another two months . This will help keep you from pulling your ears forward when rolling over in bed. Most stitches are dissolved on their own, othewise may be removed at the same time of dressing removal. You can resume your light daily activities 48 hours after surgery.Fortunately complications which maybe infection and hematoma are very rare and most patients are satisfied with the results