fleshy nose surgery

fleshy nose surgery

fleshy nose surgery

Fleshy nose surgery

Nose is one of the most important part and visible part of your face. Mostly have wide and big nose. These people lose their self confidence and want to have a small nose. This kind of nose is called fleshy nose.  Everyone likes to be more attractive. In this article we consider the fleshy noses and important factors which affect on the fleshy nose surgery.

One of the most important part of your face, is nasal skin. If the skin be thick, the nose is called fleshy nose. If we divide the nose into 2 parts, the upper part has thick skin, and the lower part has thin skin. The skin thickness depends on the fat glands. Thick skins have more fat glands.

In performing fleshy nose surgery, the surgeon works on the hard tissues which have more bone and cartilage.

Fleshy noses have weak cartilages and thick skin. Cartilage strengthening is done by grafts on the nose and results in tightening the nose and the nasal septum will form easily.

It’s necessary to choose a skillful surgeon to perform the fleshy nose surgery. The best surgeons are those who can strengthen the weak cartilage to prevent the nasal prolapsed.


Characteristics of fleshy noses

  • Round appearance
  • Thick skin
  • Fat glands
  • Weak bone and cartilage
  • Flexibility
  • Wide and prominent alas

Result of fleshy nose surgery

Results of fleshy nose surgery depend on the skillful surgeon, skin and thickness of the skin. Regarding after take cares can help you in real and reasonable expectations.

A fleshy nose has wide ala and never be thin by a nasal surgery. Fleshy noses have low flexibility.

Fleshy noses are not the suitable choice to perform the fantasy surgery. Naturalness and having the best appearance, are the results of fleshy nose surgery. And the results will appear during the time, when the swelling is faded, so the patients should wait about the results of surgery.

fleshy nose surgery

After performing the fleshy nose surgery, changes are so relative, but the nose has more considerable changes than the primary form. Fleshy noses can not be small or thin. But the surgeons can approximate the fleshy noses to the desirable form.

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