In autumn seasons, with decreasing the weather, the possibility of sinusitis is increased. After each cold, people experience the inflammation of sinus. But this condition will improve after the recovery.

Sinusitis applies to the infection, inflammation and swelling of the paranasal sinuses. Sinusitis occurs after a cold or an allergy.

 Sinusitis leads to adenoid and nasal mucous. Tonsil has similar symptoms. Tonsil causes sinusitis through halting the mucous outpouring. And, sinusitis leads to tonsil inflammation. So, sinusitis and tonsil have mutual effects on each other.

Allergy to different factors such as food, inhalants and chemical, can cause sinusitis. But, the inhalants and dust have important role in sinusitis.

It should be mentioned that, sinusitis can strengthen the asthma. In cases that the person has 2 problems of asthma and sinusitis together, using the anti asthmatic drugs is needed.

Tasks of sinus

  • To lighten the skull and face bone
  • To increase the human voice
  • To moisten and heat the breathing
  • To filter the breathing

Symptoms of sinusitis

  • Pressure on the cheek
  • Headache
  • Adenoid
  • Slight fever
  • Smelly breathing
  • Pain in upper teeth

If the mucus becomes inflame, it may lead to the blocking airways between the sinuses and nose, and then results in pressure to the sinuses wall.

When the air, can’t enter to the sinuses, the vacuum causes pain. Blocking the airways can increase the growth of infections.

Sinusitis treatment

  1. Using aspirin, ibuprofen, to reduce the pain
  2. Using antibiotics
  3. Corticosteroids, to reduce the inflammation of sinuses
  4. Nasal wash
  5. Consuming liquids
  6. Applying warm compress
  7. Taking a warm bath

Surgical treatments

The aims of surgical treatment are as following:

  • To remove the inflectional tissues
  • To remove the excessive bone and cartilage to widen the sinuses
  • To remove the polyp
  • To remove the external substances which block the airways

To prevent the sinusitis

  1. Have a healthy lifestyle
  2. Stop smoking
  3. Control your stress
  4. Drink at least 7 water glasses all day long
  5. Have a healthy diet to strengthen your immune system
  6. Avoid swimming in cold seasons
  7. Avoid drinking cold liquids in cold seasons
  8. Control the humidity of your home


Sinusitis can lead to asthma. So it’s important to be care about your health and strength your immune system. Pay attention to the mentioned symptoms, and immediately after the symptoms appear, refer to a doctor to prevent the prevalence.

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